Loudspeaker & Amplification

We do consultations in regards of Studio-, Hi-Fi- and PA-Speakers and amplification.

The Meyer Sound HD-1 is our overall reference, which we can organize up on request.

With Andreas we have found a superior mastermind when it comes to restauration and re-design of RFT speakers. RFT is today mostly known as ME Geithain and has developed outstanding speakers since more then 3 decades.

Berndt from southern Germany also contributes to a good vibe flourish with his outstanding knowledge regarding speaker stand structure born sound, sensible room acoustics and efficient use of device orientated power- and signal cables.

Jan has also teamed up with us and is leading on public audio systems and installations. With 10+ years of professional experience, numerous successful installations and live shows and a degree of one of Germany’s top music schools he was the right person to join our team.

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If you have already done research and maybe have found a favorite speaker, please feel free to visit us in our showroom with your speakers to enjoy them in a complete linear environment and compare them to others.

We are happy to help you, researching speakers, stand or even in the make of such a room in your own walls.

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