WE ARE MORE ACCURATE – the story of our company started back in the days, when people bought computers they would not understand…

To ensure you find your right 64-bit-buddy, we consult after gathering your needs with focus on long lasting usability.
Out of your need and milestones, we configure your individual package, independent from brands!
From our point of view, the machine needs to follow your needs, not vice versa.

After finding the right machine and setting it up, we would also like to make you aware of back up systems and offer to double-check situation whether in your home or office.

If you need more products for Office, living or home cinema, please get in touch.
Due to our excellent partners and conditions, we can make most things happen on short-term request.

To make a long story short: Sales is in our house a service and we love to share our excellent conditions with you.

In the case of a needed repair, we have certified service providers around us and can often shorten repair times or completely avoid them.
By signing a service contract with us, you will receive a free of charge rent machine while your machine is with us.

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